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As a cost effective option to classified advertising, we request all of our prospective customers exercise their right to due diligence prior to engaging as part of their advertising program. Having the benefit of listing for one fee until sold, saves our customers hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in marketing!

To advertise your Recreational Vehicle or other property packages offered by FSBO AND SELLERS NEWORK LLC is a fantastic value as it includes reasonably tiered price packages, a fantastic level of exposure to potential buyers and effective options for improving the odds of a buyer noticing your listing. Much like any classified service, FSBO AND SELLERS NEWORK LLC does not generally offer refunds on advertising fees.

FSBO AND SELLERS NEWORK LLC is a "For Sale By Owner" website and does not guarantee specific success rates for products listed for sale on the website.

Once an ad is placed and paid for, we engage the full measure of our advertising team and processes, that once enacted, are placed for public viewing for the benefit of our customers.

The criteria for a refund is as follows :
  • The advertising contract is 3 months. If we fail to sell your Rv inthat frame we will gladly continueto run your ad until it is sold for free!!

Refunds will not be given :
  • If you change your mind about the listing;
  • If you have made errors during the submission of the listing;
  • If you have not received any inquiries or offers to purchase the vehicle through FSBO AND SELLERS NEWORK LLC;
  • If the vehicle has already been sold through other means.
  • We will not provide a refund if has made mistakes in the content or enhancements of the listing.
  • If has made mistakes, we will make every effort to make the appropriate corrections to the listing as soon as possible after notification of such mistakes.

If you make mistakes in submitting a listing with FSBO AND SELLERS NEWORK LLC, we will make corrections to the listing. There will be no charge for these corrections, unless you wish to order additional enhancements, in which case there may be an additional charge. If you wish to change to a less expensive listing package however, will not provide any refund.

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